August 6, 2013


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January 21, 2013

Those who play together stay together!  Jenna and Noah are such a blast!  Too bad they don’t have much personality…

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January 21, 2013

These guys were wedding guests today. They are Don and Betty, and they’ve been married now for 60 years. The theme of my wedding was ‘love letters,’ and the bride and groom shared one written by their wonderful friend Don to his wife Betty over sixty years ago. In the letter he tells her how much he wants to marry her when he is no longer an Army Pull Guard, and how he will be working for that. Gosh I love them. ♥

I typed the letter up and will inbox it to anyone who wants to see how sweet they are. ♥

001 002 003When Betty was asked to look at Don she smiled sweetly at him and said “that won’t be hard.”


October 29, 2012

Brad & Amanda, so much love and happiness at Artspace 111!


Love the armor ring!Mini boudoir (for Brad’s eyes only!)Every bride cries, so we had to stage that shot…I believe her. Brad and the guys!The gloves (are just one of the things that) make Amanda beautiful! She’s a vision!She’s started somethin’ with them there eyes!
Amanda and her sis were at one time conjoined, few know!Who let this bridesmaid past security?
They adore one another!  <3
Blessed!Artspace 111
This is for Pete!Remember these commercials?Brad hired artists to sketch guests portraits!A bridal sculpture of foil!Artspace 111
A canopy of light!Catered by…Bendy forks and vintage toast!
Of course he sang to her!They love one another. <3
Happily ever after!  <3

April 9, 2012

This email came to me July 24, 2011:

“Jessica and I have a proposal for you that is out of the ordinary. We met in Antigua, Guatemala five years ago and we were wondering whether you would be open to the idea of traveling to Antigua with us this Fall in order to do our engagement photos. I know the idea is crazy, but would you be open to the idea? Oh, we are keeping this a secret from our family and friends.
James Skinner”
So here is my challenge. I am to write a few words here, words to precede these photos, blog post style. Maybe something like “oh, what an incredibly beautiful place.” Or, “thanks to James and Jess for taking me to Antigua, and best wishes in your marriage.” But this won’t do. This has never happened to me before. Thoughts and feelings rest in my heart, but they don’t find their way with words. I’ve wanted to tell anyone who would care to know just every detail about Antigua, one of the most beautiful places on earth. But it’s clear to me now, I will never be able to do it. And more than that, I will never be able to express how blessed I am to know James and Jessica Skinner.

So instead I decided to write keywords, phrases, kind of picture words here. These are impressions I have of beautiful Antigua, and the special times shared with James and Jess that stay with me.  These are treasures to me.

Coffee trees over a balcony
Wooden Shutters opening to a garden
Cobblestone streets and carrying heels
Children extending baskets of beaded jewelry
Vibrant rows of color at sundown
Bonnie walking beside me
Smoky volcano tops
Simon in a hammock
Suzette’s crackly meow
James’ one shot leap over Jess
Rodolfo saying “I love it!”
Baroque door knobs and doorways
Seasoned brussel sprouts and guacamole
A still life of yellow fruit
Bonnie and James both behind me at Reds
Jess’s ‘cute voice’
Blooming rooftops
A personalized coffee recipe
Jake, just Jake
A morning talk with James
A giant casket “too good for photography”
A yellow church, a red rosary
A nacho mountain
An awakened flight home
Jess has gorgeous, long brown hair and thoughtful, smart eyes. James is tall, handsome and articulate. Both are academically accomplished and razor sharp. Together they will make a legal team that will be a force to be reckoned with. And such a beautiful bride and groom they made; so comfortable together, happy, and an extraordinary and unique sense of humor shared. They are for keeps. Their wedding ceremony was held at First Presbyterian Church of Dallas, and by glass candlelight (which can be loud when bumped) they made promises to one another. They were surrounded by a wonderful, loving family and many friends. Their wedding colors were perfect, Dallas Cowboys blue and silver (good one Jess.) A beautiful celebration afterwards was held in the tallest skyscraper in downtown Dallas, at City Club. Every detail was perfectly planned by Bricker Bruner. More wedding images will be added soon, but for now here’s a start.

I send heartfelt thanks to James, Jess, Bonnie, Rodolfo, Brook, Dwight, Kristen, Simon, and to the Casenave and Skinner families.

Dear James and Jess, may God bless you both with all that heaven can send – long life, long love, long health, and wonderful friends. And may every happiness be yours together always. You two are the sweetest of the sweet.


This is one of my favorite photos ever ever!

This is sweet Suzette.

This is Simon, the best assistant and traveling friend anyone could have.  He said to me, “no one else will ever see what we just did.”

Rodolfo, Bonnie and Jake, who shared their beautiful home with Simon and I. <3James and Jess are part of the Antigua architecture.  

This was our last night in Guatemala ~ Jess, Simon and me.

The beauty in the middle is my wonderful friend, Brook.  This is my favorite rehearsal dinner photo.
Jess at the Arboretum.

This was after our bridal at the Arboretum ~ Jess, Brook, Kristen and me.

Wedding day!

My wonderful friends.  <3