November 26, 2010

I posted last week some cool shots from one of my absolute favorite venues, the incredible Adriatica in McKinney.  It’s a fairly new area that is modeled after a Croatian village.  Adriatica is a destination for shopping, office complexes, residential, and of course, my favorite…hosting weddings!

I thought I would post a few more so you can get a flavor for one of our very favorite places to photograph.  (I love to shoot engagement sessions here, too.)

This is Bella Donna Chapel.  The image of Christ above the door is from Italy and is 300 years old.

Here’s the gate leading into Bella Donna.  It’s also imported from Europe, and it’s 700 years old.

An overview of the inside of Bella Donna Chapel.  Can you imagine a ceremony in this wonderful chapel?

Right under the fresco.

I just love the feel of this chapel, I love that it has windows so you can actually see during a service, and I just love the feeling of antiquity that they have been able to achieve, despite being so new.  I highly recommend Adriatica and Bella Donna Chapel!

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